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Yes, I admit the things on this site never really happened and it's all fake. But it sure was humorous to pretend!

Credit deserves to be given where it is due, and so I must say that I did not create the 3 dimensional computer models used in creating my website. They are all created by Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the game "World of Warcraft." They are both the owners and the creators of all the 3D models pictured on this site. I simply used the models because within their game, World of Warcraft, I have aquired all of these pets through various means and I thought it would be fun to make a website about them.

However, I did use Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition to make it look like the pets were present in real life with me. I also used a combination of Fraps and Camtasia Studio 3 to record World of Warcraft and create a movie of my digital avatar running around with my Wolpertinger. I used Garage Band to produce the music for my song, and I did the vocals.

All of the programs mentioned above have websites at which I'm sure you could purchase them, although Garage Band may be Macintosh only.

World of Warcraft:


Camtasia Studio 3:

Garage Band:


visit for information on the pets players can get (pets like the ones I have all over my website) within the actual World of Warcraft game.