PurpleAcolyte.gif (16468 bytes)

Purple Acolyte

CryptBurrower.gif (28029 bytes)

Crypt Lord With Burrow Animations

DeathMage.gif (33379 bytes)

Death Mage (This model is now obselete, I made a portrait and as of right now this doesn't have one)

Arthas.gif (55416 bytes)

Evil Arthas off Horse

FleshMonster.gif (48555 bytes)

Flesh Monstrosity

FreakyAbomination.gif (55465 bytes)

Freaky Abomination

FrostWyrmAAA.gif (44224 bytes)

Frost Wyrm Alternate Black Head

Necro.gif (38979 bytes)

Alternate Necropolis

DeadZombie.gif (17039 bytes)

Villager that wants to be a Zombie Looks kind of cool, but will make warcraft maps have a fatal error.

RockinSinger.gif (30757 bytes)

Rockin' Singer Pack

SkelMarine.gif (46237 bytes)

Skeletal Marine