Haha, no maps. Unfortunately, I only have access to my maps and I havent gotten any to a good point to be posted yet.

Also I've taken to playing WoW a lot and might not make any new ones. However, I spent numerous years mapmaking and learned such a vast amount of Warcraft knowledge I can help you fix bugs, problems, etc.

Worlds of Infinity is a Warcraft III The Frozen ThroneTM (Trademarked by Blizzard Entertainment) map download site. To download a warcraft map click on a picture above. It will take you to an informational site about the map. Once there, click the map's picture to download it.

Created By Retera

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Someday, something may happen and the URL of Worlds of Infinity may change. If this happens simply google search "Worlds of Infinity," and if no results show up google search every few days.